Here at Belvista Realty Inc. we understand the unique challenges and needs of the aging adult. We truly believe that Seniors do matter and we are focused on those needs with the utmost care and awareness.

Helping Seniors and their families with the transition process, is near and dear to our hearts. With our own experience with aging parents, we understand the hard work that is involved. Moving seniors can be very emotional and incredibly stressful. It can also involve a necessary team of experts and services that go beyond just the role of a Realtor. From financial consultants, Estate planners, Lawyers, Personal Health care workers, Home modifications, Transition Managers, decluttering companies, movers etc. we know that each situation is very different and unique.

Taking our service to the next level to help Seniors and their families make the best decision possible for them is our goal. We want to help create a more stress free and seamless transition.

Having the training and Affiliation with LIFESTYLE 55 AFFILIATE SERVICE PROVIDER AND SENIORCAREACCESS.COM, gives us the confidence that we will be able to do just that. There are only a very small percentage of Realtors in Ontario that have the training and that are qualified to work with Seniors, we are proud to have ties to a network of exceptional specialists that focus on the care and needs of the aging adult.

Planning for "What's Next" or when "Life just gets in the way" Making decisions by "Choice" or by "Circumstance" is the most critical piece of the planning process.

When/If you feel challenged in planning your parents "next steps" or if you are a senior and would like to go through all of your options, WE ARE READY AND WILLING TO HELP!