By: David Caivano

DONNA, I am so thankful to have you as a Real Estate agent. The short sale process of selling my last house was much longer than I expected. I am happy to finally have that house sold. I appreciate the time you spent on it and know that was less than a normal house sell with all we had to deal with from the buyer. What you did for me over the last couple of months is unprecedented. You went way over and beyond protocol. Over the last 10 years you have helped me in the purchase of 3 homes and sale of 2 as well as recommending other friends that they should go with you and feel the same way. Our professional relationship has turned into a family like feel and I truly cherish the friendship I have built with you over this time period. When I first hired you 10 years ago, I had several family members and friends in the business, I wanted to go with a complete stranger and when I saw you in the magazine ad I said this is my agent. Little did I know this is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. (it didn’t hurt that it was a nice pic). ? Not only are you great and I mean GREAT at what you do. You make it easier for new and old home owners to go through the process. I mean all I have to do is sign papers and you have everything in place. You act like a project manager as well, providing various milestones on whats next and what we need to do. I can spend 100 pages of what other things you have done, you just make it easy. When I find out that someone is selling their house, I let them know about you every time. Confidently I know that they are making a big mistake if they don’t use you or if they had already hired someone else. I know for a fact that you are at the top of your class professionally as well as personally and if they give you a chance they will be very happy they did so. No one is better in my opinion. They just can’t be. Again, thank you Donna and I look forward to both our business and personal relationship to continue to grow over the years to come. Warmest regards, David Caivano

By: Rachel Audouin

I met Donna Baglieri 7 years ago as she was helping me find my first house. I was impressed the first day that I met her with her professionalism, emotional intelligence, more specifically her empathy, her knowledge and credibility. Donna shows great care and dedication to her clients while delivering above and beyond customer care. She is very knowledgeable which is extremely valuable in a changing real estate market and complex market such as the GTA. In addition, she is a natural leader and has strong business acumen. She can balance the needs for understanding and reassurance of her clients with navigating through the business and real estate implications pertinent to her clients success. We’ve done business with Donna to buy, sale and facilitate a rental opportunity and her level of excellence never changed. She is very responsive and makes herself available for her clients. She is also a great negotiator which always leads to successfully closing a fair deal! As a result, I have referred Donna to others with no hesitation, and they would share the same on her great performance. I strongly recommend retaining her services. I cannot imagine dealing with anybody else!

By: Melanie and Christian Gorospe

We've had the privilege of working with Donna for over 17years; starting from the purchase of our first home as a family. She is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and honest in showing us both the pros and cons in the properties we've looked at or been interested in. Her perspective has always been to ensure we were 100% comfortable with our decision both financially and emotionally. She made our home buying, selling and real estate investment experience a positive one. Donna has always gone above and beyond in helping us understand the intricacies of real estate transactions, provide sound guidance, invaluable advice and exceptional solutions to all challenges including working with us to understand the "numbers", finding a lawyer or mortgage specialist to staging our home. She is a "one-stop shop" partner in real estate. We can always depend and rely on Donna. She is a realtor that really cares for her clients and truly someone we consider a close and trusted friend.

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